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liveSTRONG and Charity Bracelets

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004



So the LiveStrong bracelets are made by a company other than the one making the pink ones?

K. Todd Storch

The liveSTRONG bracelets are distributed by Nike. Most of them are in Nike packaging. I have no idea who makes the pink ones.

Other than the ones I found at Target, my gut feeling is that they are mostly knockoff's to make a buck on the fever.


kaitlin carpenter

Where do you get pnk liveSTRONG bracelets?? I have seen people with them before, so I know they sell them somewhere.Also, how much do they cost??

K. Todd Storch


If you've seen pink liveSTRONGS, they are fakes. The Lance Armstrong Foundation has gone on record that they will not do any color other than yellow.

Check eBay. They have people selling all kinds of colors. They are fake and no money will go to the LAF.



Just FYI there are legit pink breast cancer bracelets that say "BE STRONG" on them they are being sold for $5 with funds going to the Dr. Susan Love Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of Melissa Ethridge.


mackenzie roses

give me one please

K. Todd Storch

SB, great post. Definately, Melissa Ethridge is jumping on the bandwagon in a good way.

McKenzie...you'll have to get one on your own, I don't have any to give.



I have been searching for the pink bracelets after my kids came home and said that other kids are wearing them. There is the Judy Ride Foundation that has one and the Susan G Komen Foundation has one. They have different sayings on them so it would be up to the individual.

K. Todd Storch

Thank you to everyone's input on official pink bracelets. I've put up a posting that lists the ones that help charity. Email me others you find and I'll post them. Thank you!

Go to http://toddstorch.typepad.com/business/2004/10/where_to_find_o.html


R. holmes

I just saw the livestrong pink bracelets on e-bay and they are going for a lot of money. I searched but could not find out where they are coming from.

There are also pink BELIEVE bracelets being sold. I first found them at the Susan G. Komen breast cancer 3-day walk. The person selling them is selling them as one of her team fund raisers for the breast cancer walk and is in the process of starting a foundation which will fund breast cancer research. All of her profits are going towards breast cancer. I just bought a large quantity from her and am going to start selling them at $3/bracelet as one of my fundraisers for the walk. All of my profits will go towards my team and funding the breast cancer 3-day walk 2005 (Team Colorado--we raised $100,000 this year). There are several people selling believe bracelets on e-bay and it said that only 50% of their profits are going towards breast cancer. If you are buying them to support the cause, make sure that that is where the money is going.

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