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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Jon Strande


I'm with you - big time... and oddly enough, as I was in some department store last night buying a new coat, the clerk tried to get me to sign up for a store credit card (30% off). Well, my bill was $250, and 30% off would have been nice, but there was a line of people behind me, it was late (8:45) and I just wanted to get out of there...



My mind screams when I go to a checkout...in any kind of store! It seems you and I share similar beliefs when it comes to drive-thrus and retail.

The Gods of Shopping have placed a big L upon my forehead. If I approach a register with one person in line, while the other lines are 10 deep, my cashier tells me she's closing. Or...

Or I'll choose a line with one person. Only to find that person has a credit card from Siberia and the store needs to check it out...by Pony Express! Or...

The register breaks down. Or...

The UPC label is crinkled and they can't read it. The list goes on but the pain of recall here is too great.

K. Todd Storch

Don't go postal on me Dave! Yep, it can be a beating and you've got some Murphy's law working with you for sure.

Maybe I could start a business on how to train the hourly employees to understand that we are trying to pay...and that is a good thing for their employers!



I always try to bring my iPod with me when I go shopping. I blocks out all the noise and crap that the store is playing over their PA system, and I can change my mood by listening to different types of music or for that matter a audio book or podcast.

It really helps in Costco. The lines are generally long and I can just sit back and watch the people etc. I like watching people.

It back fired on me a couple of months ago, or maybe it didn't. I was doing my jury duty thing and was rocking away in this big room full of jurist, I had my eyes closed and my mind open to the sounds, and next thing I know this 6'6" county sheriff along with the little old lady in charge of the room was tapping me on the shoulder.

Everyone had moved out into the hall, and I guess I was being a problem child (adult) by spacing out with my MP3 player. I was asked to leave a little after that for the lack of paying attention. I wasn't really sorry, though that wasn't my intent, but the energy there was really very uptight. Everyone was just waiting for someone to pull out a gun and start shooting everyone else it seemed.

It turned out the case involved some child molestation, and when I was asked to leave, I was not sorry. Didn't want to even hear all the issues around such a case.


K. Todd Storch


An iPod for jury duty? Wow, that's funny.

Thanks for the comment and look forward to more from you!



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