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Friday, November 05, 2004



I just read where Motorola is working with Apple to put the iTunes client on some upcoming handsets. This is major convergence and the direction that things will be going in the future. I think that we will see a lot more of this type of integration and partnering in the near future. This is what sells handsets and in turn drives additional revenue channels within the carrier marketplace. The market is looking pretty interesting...plenty of opportunities lie ahead for those who see the vision....

K. Todd Storch

That is very exciting Matt. Motorola would be smart to use the iTunes platform/software as the music client. Hmm...how great would it be if you could set up a iTunes "Playlist" that was a SD or Compact Flash card?

That way you could determine exactly what music you wanted to be portable b/t devices. Not sure how large the hard discs are going to be in phones, but I'm sure 20GB/30GB will be too large at this time.

Great to "hear" from you Matt!


The devices I have been reading about will have SD capability but not sure if Apple will restrict music to the device only or allow it to be ported to a card. Another great thing that has recently developed, HP is branding a Logitech BT "stereo" headset. This is a new profile enabling HW development. Not sure if this one will also allow phone calls as well, some others do, but it is a nice design...http://www.gizmodo.com/archives/hp-bluetooth-headphones-024895.php
Not sure if it will be compatable with other BT devices other than iPAQ handhelds...nice development...

K. Todd Storch


Those are great looking headphones. I only use the ones that came with the iPod, but if I spent much time on a plane, I would go for something nicer.

I've heard some guys talk about the Bose noise eliminating headphones. They like them because the fold up and can pack easily in a briefcase.

I like the BT capabilities, but not using my iPAQ for music anymore not that the iPod killed it for this function!




Noise cancelling headphones are the way to go on a plane. I have a pair of Sony earbuds that are great. Small and light and easily packed away. Have you seen the Sure ear buds? I have been reading about them and everyone says they are great. They have several models but get real pricey at the high end.


K. Todd Storch

Haven't seen the Sure buds. Post the link if you get a chance. How much better are they from the factory ones you get with the iPod?



Sorry about the misspelling, I meant Shure...here is the Engadget thread on what earphones people recommend with their iPOD...http://portableaudio.engadget.com/entry/8772346245723112/#comments...here is the link to Shure's site...http://www.shure.com/earphones/index.asp...


I was wondering, I really want an Ipod, but do you have to buy the music once you purchase your ipod? I have no clue how this works. Thanks

K. Todd Storch


The iPod is only the .mp3 player. No music comes on it.

However, all the CD's that you probably have in your home you can easily put on the iPod through the iTunes software.

Bottomline, what ever music you currently own you can get on there and whatever you buy in the future you put on it.

It also allows you to play audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Anything that's an .mp3 you can put on the iPod.

Good luck!



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