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Friday, December 17, 2004


Jon Strande

Todd, interesting thought, and yeah, he certainly does have recognition with two coveted age groups. I fall into the first category; the 30-40 folks, so I do remember him from MTV.

It will be interesting to see who replaces Howard. It will also be interesting to see if this is sort of like Jay Leno replacing Johnny Carson... where it becomes a fight between two different personalities (RE: Dave Letterman).

Great post!

K. Todd Storch


Thanks for the comment! The difference between the "Jay replacing Johnny" reference is what if Johnny had left NBC to go to a cable network (even though it wasn't available at the time...)?

There are some great ways to connect with the audience now that wasn't available just a few years ago and that is key. We all know that technology isn't the answer because it isn't mainstream. It takes great content to keep people interested and entertained.

Thanks again Jon!


Terry Storch

Todd, as you know I think you are right on. We have been discussing this for months now!

One key thing that I think Adam Curry will bring to the table will be "forcing" the hand of the "old school" radio executives and get them in the technology age. This is a must in my opinion before traditional radio become irrelevant.

I love the idea and I hope it comes true. However, it would not surprise me to see XM or Sirius jump on this idea!

Mark Ramsey

Although Infinity doesn't yet know who - or how - to replace Howard, I can tell you firsthand that they're working on it. I know some of the stuff floating around and I'm afraid Adam isn't on the short list.

We really need an entertainer, someone with entertainment cred. Increasingly Adam is a next-generation Steve Jobs.

And Steve isn't very funny.


This is deep-radio-industry type stuff here and I am about as qualified to offer meaningful insight as I am to build a nuclear reactor, but, allow me to pass on a couple of thoughts from one learned dude who has experienced changes in radio.

Before that...my every day Joe radio listner comment: My age is smack dab in tbe middle of the Baby Boomer Gen. I love music from the 60's and rock from the 70's. From the 80's thru now, I like selected stuff. Guns and Roses, U2, Metallica etc. I used to like hearing information about music artists...don't hear it no more. Other than that, I will change the station if I hear the dj talking. This is just me.

Ok, my friend from the past...

"The next flock of millionaires will grow out of the radio business, which is new and not overburdened with men of keen imagination. The money will be made by those who discover or create new and more meritorious radio programmes and have the imagination to recognize merit, and to give the radio listeners a chance to profit by it.

Crooners and light chatter artists who now pollute the air with wisecracks and silly giggles, will go the way of all light timbers, and their places will be taken by real artists who interpret carefully planned programmes which have been designed to service the minds of men, as well as provide entertainment.

The radio programmes of the future must find practical ways to convert listeners into buyers.

The new radio technique demands men who can interpret ideas from a written manuscript in terms of SOUND."

This last comment refers to the advent of advertising on radio. Prior to radio, advertising was in the print media. To advertise on radio then, men could simply not read from a script. Instead, they needed to take the content and present it in such an audible way, that it was interesting to listeners.

What is it today that needs to be presented in 21 st century mode? And how should it be presented?

K. Todd Storch


One would think that "product placement" is the new way to advertise (Oprah giving away cars, one type of car used by the "good" guys in movies, types of cereals in the pantry...). Seth Godin loves to write that advertising that "interrupts" will die or fade away (traditional commercials on TV, radio,etc.).

A few podcasts are beginning to have single sponsors in which the host will read a liner or copy point (sure sounds like when radio began, doesn't it?).

Google seems to think that relevant website links offered up during keyword searches is the way to go (hmm...stock is up to $165, so others like it as well...).

The great thing about this is that there is no "end". Only a progression based on what advertisers believe works and delivers results.

Game on!

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